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web design

Offering new site construction and make-overs for existing sites

I'm here to help you tell your story

The world these days is digital. Our customers, clients, and friends find us through pixels and pages - but keeping up your online persona can seem overwhelming. Or just not what you want to spend your time on!

Put my skills to your service

With years of experience in visual design, software development, written content, and behavior systems, I have what it takes to bring your vision to life. I'll worry about the platform and the structure, the visuals and the automation. You can get back to the important stuff.

Translate your vision into reality

You provide the inspiration, and I'll execute on the manifestation. I'm adept at reading between the lines of what you want, and transforming your thoughts into an aesthetic that reflects you and your impact - bringing your authentic expression out where you customers can meet you.

Efficient systems, happy creatives

The best part? I also know the tools to make your job easier. Automated emails, e-commerce options, SEO and ad-tracking, event registration, integration with newsletters and schedulers... the works. I can even add custom code!


Don't have content? I can help with that too.

Medicine Lake Herbals
Medicine Lake Herbals

Medicine Lake Herbals


Judy McLeod
Judy McLeod

Judy McLeod


Cypress Counseling
Cypress Counseling

Cypress Counseling



digital products

Design and production of online courses, videos, and documents

You have the message. I have the skills.

The way we learn and connect continues to evolve, sometimes faster than we can keep up with. As our communities go global, we need more and more technical skills to reach those who want to learn from us. The questions and decisions that pour forth can be overwhelming - which is why I'm here to support you. 

From ideation to delivery

You know what you want to share; I know how to make it shareable. Never sat in front of a video camera? I can help with backdrop design, script writing, speaking confidence, and navigational structure. If words are more your speed, I can handle the formatting, design, and delivery - as well as provide copy editing and consultations on structure for today's short attention spans. 

Give your knowledge the flair it deserves

Online students want (need?) products that they can engage with - visuals, structural flow, and pizzaz that make up for the lack of in-person interest. As a visual artist and designer, I gotchu covered. As an active listener and translator, you can be sure it's your style that comes through. 

Let me take the technical details

Ease the transition onto new learning platforms, and let me take the nitty gritty details required in getting your products out there. Automations, platform comparisons, launch schedules... find smooth alignment with your vision by bringing me on to support.


logos and images

Design and delivery of logos, illustrations, tattoo designs, and more

Your imagination meets my creative style

Interested in having my style applied to an image in your mind? Want to commemorate values or events with a gift for loved ones? Starting a business and need a memorable logo to match? I work with both paper and digital mediums, and can adapt to your needs.

Currently accepting commissions for printmaking, single illustrations, and digital products. Prices vary based on complexity, size, and scope of the project.

past commissions
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