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catalyst coaching

emergent strategy noun

intentional and responsive change, which increases our capacity to create the world we envision

an adaptive and interdependent approach towards change

Do you have a grand vision, but aren't sure how to make it happen?

Are you on the threshold, and ready to take each step with purpose?

That's where I can help. Whether you're an artist trying to build better business habits, or an organization trying to migrate into the world of data, I have the experience and the vision to lay the groundwork for an excellent endeavor.

The world is changing all around us. Become empowered to make the changes that matter most to you.

We'll start by identifying your goals and underlying values. Then - together - we'll draw our map, pack our bags, and start the journey. Along the way, you'll master techniques for understanding and leveraging challenges, and learn how to dance with adaptive evolution.

It's time to step into your potential.

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*What is a system? A system is a set of processes and things that interact in evolving ways. That can be your writing habit, software delivery life cycle, mechanism for feedback from customers, you name it. Actually, I'll name it! We participate in systems every moment of our day. I'll help you understand the forces which affect your goals and shift them to your benefit.

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for individuals

I can help you:

  • find the courage and toolset to help you make the jump

  • determine values, balance priorities, and set up systems for success

  • set (and stick to!) regular habits or schedules

  • learn social media and other digital tools

  • set up a website and online shop

  • evolve your mindset to embrace and grow through challenges


for organizations

I can help you:

  • create transformation strategy maps, starting from big picture and moving to bite-size action item lists

  • define implementation plans to assist teams in adopting new processes

  • implement new tooling and software

  • transition from paper-based to digital systems

  • identify data points to measure goal achievement across the transformation and beyond

  • rapidly understand complex systems and their interaction points

  • identify simple intervention strategies that make for large efficiency gains

with experience in technology, manufacturing, education, and small business
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