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I AM Cosmic

I AM Cosmic


Discover yourself in the vibrant colors of the Eagle nebula.


Reduction woodblock print

on Arches Cover white cotton rag paper


Image: 10" x 8"


In relief printmaking, a print is created by rolling in onto the surface of a plate or block, and then pressed into paper. The block is carved in reverse of the final work - a mirror image. 


Carving and printing is all done by hand!


Carving is typically done using special metal gouges which can be sharpened repeatedly. However, some artists use hammers, saws, or any number of wacky things to remove the surface of the material.


When printing, the artist transfers ink to the paper using pressure. This is accomplished using one of many devices: the palm of the hand, a wooden spoon, a rounded piece of glass, or sometimes a specially designed table press.


Common materials for blocks include hard woods, medium density fiberboard, linoleum, Speedy Carve, and even potatoes.

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